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    Satsuki Ina, Ph.D. - Producer/Project Director
    Dr. Ina is a licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of the Family Study Center, a community agency dedicated to providing community counseling services and post-graduate clinical training for marriage, family and child therapists. In her practice she specializes in cross-cultural counseling, interracial marriages, transracial adoptions and diversity training for agencies and corporations. Dr. Ina is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Counselor Education, School of Education, California State University, Sacramento. There she taught advanced theories and clinical practice courses in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling and Multicultural Counseling.

    Kim Ina - Associate Producer/ Outreach and Workshop Coordinator
    Ms. Ina has worked as a freelance producer/photographer/editor in the education video industry for the past 5 years. She has produced several in-house training videos while working at Stir Fry Productions for Lee Mun Wah, producer of the Color of Fear and the Color of Fear II. She has also produced several music videos for Upward Bound in Napa, California, a summer program for teens who may be the first in their families to go to college. Working as the only yonsei, or fourth generation Japanese American, on the Children of the Camps Documentary and Educational Project, Ms. Ina has said that her involvement in the project has changed her life and given her a newfound sense of pride about who she is. She honors what her community and family had to endure to allow her to stand where she stands today. Ms. Ina is also the founder and executive director of the Sports for the World's Children Foundation, a nonprofit that distributes used and new sports equipment and school supplies to communities and schools with limited resources. Ms. Ina is currently working with Emery Clay to produce a documentary about Sports for the World's Children's endeavors in Latin America.

    Audrey Kasho-Wells - Creative/Administrative Producer
    Ms. Kasho-Wells has worked in the education, industrial and commercial video and film industry since 1991. Owner and operator of her own company, Diva Media, Ms. Kasho-Wells has produced several public service announcements for the state of California’s Department of Adult Education including a 90 minute public education video developed for the State of California's Department of Food & Agriculture. She also works as producer and art director for the award-winning production company, Spectrum Film Productions, recognized nationally for their excellence in the broadcast commercial market. Wells also worked as Associate Producer on the independent full-length feature film, Devil Takes A Holiday.

    Stephen Holsapple - Director/Editor
    Stephen Holsapple is an Northern California Emmy-award winning filmmaker, artist and musician whose career in these related fields has spanned over 25 years. He has worked extensively in the Sacramento area since the early 80s, working independently as a director, producer, editor and actor. His award-winning credits include Big City Gambler, winner of 6 Northern California Regional Emmys, Sorghum, winner of a Houston International Film Festival Gold Award, and La Scala di Vito (a Leon Corcos Film), winner of best comedy short at both the Chicago and Atlanta Film Festivals. He also won a Telly Award for his montage opening of ENVISION 18 (1993), one of the world’s largest graphic conferences. Over the last five years he has directed, filmed and/or edited numerous projects for international clients like Magnavox.

    Emery Clay III - Director of Photography
    Mr. Clay is a freelance director of photography/producer/editor who's been working in film and video production for the past 19 years. During this time, he has been nominated twenty-two times and received three Northern California Regional Emmys for his work on projects in the United States and abroad. Driven by the pursuit of social justice and the quality of light, Clay has made a career of choosing projects that challenge us to think, question and feel. A partial list of his credits include: In America, a nationally syndicated weekly news magazine, The Discovery Channel's Wildguide, NextStep, NBC's Nightly News and Dateline, ABC's Discovery News and Prime Time Live, The Sci-Fi Channel's The New Edge, KABC's Vietnam documentary- A Soldier Returns, KCRA's Documentaries- Afghanistan Journal 1985, AIDS- A Conspiracy of Silence, Return to the War Next Door and Return to Vietnam; and Discover Interdependence- a documentary for the World Interdependence Fund, an organization dedicated to the advancement of the rights of disabled people. Most recently, Clay has dedicated a great deal of his time to helping non-profit groups to find a "video-voice." Some of these include: The Sacred Life Association (Native-American rights), Fisher House (critical care support), Camp Sunshine (summer camp for kids with HIV) and Gender Equity in Education.


    Bob Murray, Online Editor

    Patrick Minor, Music and Sound Design

    Dave Losko, Sound

    Howard Fujimoto, Financial Management


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    Steve Ladd, Steve Ladd Media Consulting
    Site redesign, primary content development, promotion

    Sean Sullivan, MetaNet
    Initial site design and hosting

    Satsuki Ina
    Content development

    Kim Ina
    Content development

    John W. Tarver, JWTDezin@aol.com
    Additional graphics

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